Sunday, October 7, 2007



Archeologist studies things left by people.
Paleontologist studies what life was like before people.

Some of the most famous finds have been found by kids. In 1879, a nine year-old girl named Maria was exploring a cave in Spain with her dad when she shined her candle on the ceiling. She discovered the oldest works of art ever discovered – cave paintings more than 12,000 years old. In 1947, a boy following goats into a cave near the Dead Seas found 2,000 year old scrolls that were part of the Bible.

Paleontologists have to figure out puzzles!

Tools of the Trade
Geological Hammer
Brushes of different sizes
Measuring tape and rulers
Magnifying glasses
Notebook and pencil
Different containers

Paleontologists also bring
Draftsmen who draw detailed pictures of fossils, etc
Workers such as students
Sometimes children who want to learn

The First Fossil Finder was Thomas Jefferson, the Third President

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