Sunday, October 7, 2007


  • Johnny Appleseed
    Chart of Vegetables, Fruits, Meats, Bread/Cereal/pasta, Milk/Cheese/yogurt (dairy)
    Healthy Food Junk Food Chart
    Discuss Healthy Breakfast Choices
    Discuss Healthy Lunch Choices
    Discuss Healthy Snack choices
    Discuss food variety - use colors to explain
    Practice Sorting by color, by fruit v veggie, etc
    Use Measuring Cups to see how much = 1 cup, ½ c, etc
    Make lists of 5 vegetables
    Where does food grow, how does food grow,
    Colors of Food
    Peanut Butter and Jelly Song

  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • Read D.W., Picky Eater Read,
  • My Sister Ate One Hare
  • Grover on the Farm
  • Pizza Cat
  • Teeny Tiny Mouse (discuss eating a rainbow of colors)
  • There was an old lady who swallowed...... books

  • Stamping with real apples (with ink pads)
    Reinforce the letter A
    Read about an Apple Orchard
    Johnny Appleseed (Johnny Appleseed Song
    Dental Health
    Food Pyramid
    Healthy breakfast, Lunch choices
    Counting Apples
    Teach about serving sizes by measuring beans
    Use colored leggos to teach 5 A Day, Everyday
    One to one counting, stacking
    Sorting by color
    Draw rainbows to remember to Eat the Rainbow of colors
    Read books about colors

    Play the Guess which fruit/veggie tasting game
    Veggie tasting party
    Watch a Farm Movie
    Books about the Farm
    See Nutrition Section in Notebook
    Sing going on a bear hunt song by Dr. Jean and talk about Junk Food
    Dental Health

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