Saturday, January 19, 2008

Education Classes

This semester I began my education classes at SFA! I am thrilled and LOVING it!!! This is my first semester past the "basics" (english, history, math, etc). It makes all the difference that I am absolutely interested in all my classes in such a practical, everyday way!

I am taking survey of exceptionalities, technology in teaching, psycho-social development and early literacy! I am going to be working on some great projects and getting some super ideas! As hectic as this semester is going to be, I would like to try to post some of what I am learning here, so stay tuned.
Here is one of my first projects - a mock classroom newsletter that I did for Technology in Teaching. I posted it here as a jpg and you can click on it if you would like to see it larger. This project ended up taking a long time to start, because I did not use a template and I had to come up with what to put in it, etc. However, I think that it would be simple to use this format to plug into each week. I created a weekly newsletter for our after-school program and it was a great way to open communication with parents. I loved it!

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