Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week of October 8-12

Discover Dinosaurs
We learned that Dinosaur means “Terrible Lizard” and other Dino Facts!
We started our “Dinosaur Books”. Our first Dinosaur is the Pterodactyl, a flying dinosaur.
We also practiced spelling our color words and sounding out words such as log, hog, tot, pot, lot, hop, pop and top.
Books We Read:
“Dinosaurs Before Dark” by Mary Pope Osborn
“Dinosaurs Forever” A book of Dinosaur Poems
Space Adventure
We learned about Venus today
Venus is the second planet from the sun
We made a small volcano like the volcanoes on Venus
We made a human solar system
We started our “Solar System Books”.
We are learning a special song to help us remember the planets in order.
Books We Read Today:
Magic School Bus “Space Explorers” by Joanna Cole

Discover Dinosaurs
Today we learned about the Triceratops, a dinosaur with three horns.
We also learned that Tri means 3 (like tricycle, triangle and of course triceratops).
We practiced writing the number three and drew pictures of three things.
We also got some good practice writing our name three times.
Books We Read Today:
“Dinosaur Detectives” by Joanna Cole

Space Adventure
Today we learned about our favorite planet – EARTH!
We learned how important it is to take care of our earth, because it is the ONLY planet we can live on.
Earth is not the biggest planet or the smallest planet. It is not the hottest planet or the coldest planet. It is right in the middle, and it is just perfect for us. Earth is the only planet that has three forms of water. It is also the only planet with plants and wonderful things for us to eat!
We added an Earth page to our solar system books.

We practiced counting to one hundred and used leggos to practice making AB patterns.
Books We Read Today:
“Dinosaurs to the Rescue” by Marc Brown (a book about taking care of our planet)

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